Green Button Toolkit 2021

Green Button Campaign Toolkit

Use our Trade Toolkit in your communications to consumers to align with our new overseas campaign

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Dear Trade Partner,

Per our previous communications  Tourism Ireland plans to launch its Green Button kick-start campaign across markets this month. This campaign will deliver a very clear ‘book now’ message to prospective audiences and aims to drive visitor numbers back to the island of Ireland during 2021. The highly visible campaign will initially roll out in 11 markets including on TV and digital channels, and will drive traffic to

The campaign revolves around creating a commitment to travel by pressing the green button – green being the universal colour of ‘go’ and instinctively connected with the island of Ireland. The campaign will be highly visible utilising multiple consumer channels such as TV, digital and out-of-home. 

The goal will be for everyone in our target markets to want to press the green button and come to Ireland!  

This is an ideal opportunity to align with Tourism Ireland’s campaign messaging if you are promoting Ireland as a destination for this year. We have created a toolkit of assets that you can use in your own communications to align with our Green Button campaign. We will share more details of the campaign and examples of how you can best align with our own in-market campaigns in coming weeks. 

Please click below for assets which you can download and use on your own platforms.

The Green Button Toolkit contents include:
-    Offer Banners
-    Webinar Backgrounds
-    Digital cards
-    Branded Green Button Text Overlays