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As a destination for hosting international conferences and conventions, Ireland continues to grow in popularity among conference and event organisers.  This popularity is reflected in the ‘International Congresses and Conventions Association’ rankings which place Ireland at 30th in the world and Dublin at 18th.  The rankings are based on the number of international association meetings which took place in 2018.  Within Europe, Ireland is now ranked 17th and Dublin 12th.  Regional venues in Cork, Galway and Limerick also feature in the rankings contributing to Ireland’s overall solid performance and popularity.

Why Ireland?

Why do international event organisers choose Ireland?  It’s the unique combination of people, place and proximity that lend themselves to the delivery of world-class business events.

Place:  In Ireland, business and pleasure know no boundaries – connecting with peers, shaping new ideas and doing deals all happen naturally in a country of breathtaking natural beauty.

Friendly, Professional and Passionate People:  In the country of the 100,000 welcomes, the big and the small are taken care of seamlessly and effortlessly by a dedicated team of professionals supported by hospitable hosts.

Proximity:  Access, communication and contingency planning are all made easy.

A rich cultural heritage steeped in history:  Ireland is steeped in a rich cultural heritage and its creative spirit shines through its culture and its work.  Delegates can expect a diverse cultural experience offering up the old and the new, and guaranteeing lasting memories.

Hospitality:  When you host an event in Ireland you work with a dedicated and experienced team of professionals who have a forward-thinking and can-do attitude to getting things done at the highest standard.  It is the combination of professionalism, passion and friendliness that make events in Ireland positively memorable, hassle free and of the highest standard.

Food:  Ireland might be a small island, but when it comes to food, it has big culinary ambitions.  Ireland has become a very exciting place for exceptional food which brings together its wealth of culinary talent and good quality local food.  Delegates will enjoy creative Irish cuisine fuelled by artisan producers, innovative chefs and world-class ingredients.

Meet in Ireland

Meet in Ireland is the Team Ireland approach that brings together industry partners on the island of Ireland and overseas, including Tourism Ireland in over 20 market offices worldwide, Regional Convention Bureaus, Professional Conference Organisers, Destination Management Companies, venues and other service providers.

Meet in Ireland offers a suite of MICE financial and practical supports to attract corporate meetings and events to Ireland.  Support includes assistance with Destination Programme Development which incorporates a welcome reception, a social excursion or transportation, entertainment support, delegate bags and access to Ireland’s Corporate Buyers Network (a programme of incentive rewards for corporate buyers who deliver incremental business for the Republic of Ireland).  Financial supports include site inspection hosting – Meet in Ireland will fund and co-ordinate site visits with Regional Convention Bureaux (RCB) and Destination Management Company (DMC) partners – and site visits to meeting facilities, hotels, social options and attractions.  Other practical supports include introductions, venue sourcing, itinerary building, ideas for tours and social programmes, assistance with VAT reclaim (introductions to relevant experts) and access to a presentation toolkit resource including imagery and video. To qualify for supports, certain thresholds apply.

For further information, please visit, our dedicated business tourism website.