Ireland Toolkit

Ireland Toolkit

Access our range of images, videos, maps and brochures.

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Tourism Ireland has an extensive range of images, videos, brochures and maps available for you to download to help inspire and inform your clients about the island of Ireland.

Ireland's Content Pool

Bring your content to life with our free resource for positive tourism related purposes. Our image, video and copy collections show people, landscapes and the Irish lifestyle across a range of experiences including festivals, activities, cities, rural life and food.  Images are available to download in low, medium or high resolution format.  The images may be used free of charge, as long as they are used to promote tourism to the island of Ireland on non-commercial material.  Please ensure that Tourism Ireland is credited for any images used.

You can access Ireland's Content Pool and search and view all images at:  and can find more imagery in Northern Ireland's Content Pool.

Tourism Ireland YouTube

Tourism Ireland has a dedicated You Tube site featuring 100s of video clips about the island of Ireland, things to see and do, places to go, accommodation and food.   

See for more.

Inspirational B2B Trade Video

Tourism Ireland has created an inspirational B2B Trade Video which can be accessed on YouTube via the link below.  

Downloadable Brochures and Maps

Be inspired by our collection of online brochures and maps for printing or alternatively we can post them to your office.  The choice is yours!

For more information check and type "Brochures" (or your language equivalent) in the search box to access details for your particular market.

Buyers Guides

The Ireland Buyers' Guide for Group and FIT Organisers is a source of information on a range of experiences available across Ireland and will provide operators and travel partners with practical information to support in the development of programmes to Ireland.
The experiences in this guide are presented according to Ireland’s four distinctive yet complementary signature programmes Dublin, Ireland's Ancient East, Wild Atlantic Way and Ireland's Hidden Heartlands. 

Tourism Northern Ireland invite you on a journey to Embrace A Giant Spirit, a new brand brought to life through a collection of new and unique experiences.  You and your clients will be surprised and awakened by giant experiences  – of our culture, landscapes, legends, cities, coast and our food. Find out more on Programming Northern Ireland | Discover Northern Ireland.

The Ireland Youth and Adventures Buyers Guide is a source of information on the diversity of youth and adventure experiences, products and services available across Ireland.  As well as acting as a repository of practical information and contractable experiences, it features some updated example itineraries as inspiration in developing programming for Youth or Adventure travel to Ireland.