Ways We Can Help

Ways We Can Help

Advice and marketing support for your travel business.

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Tourism Ireland works with people in the travel trade around the world to help them market the island of Ireland to their clients.  So whether you're looking for co-operative marketing opportunities or fam tirps, expert advice or practical support, here's how you can make the most of working with us.

Co-operative Marketing Support

Tourism Ireland's co-operative marketing programmes cover a range of joint partner-led activities designed to promote the island of Ireland as a holiday destination.  Campaigns are co-operatively funded and approved by Tourism Ireland.

Travel trade partners must complete an application form for discussion, agreement and approval.  Once approved, Tourism Ireland will match up to 50% of the total investment in the marketing activity subject to certain conditions.  The Tourism Ireland contribution is inclusive of VAT.  Programme objectives must be agreed in advance and the partner should indicate how performance of the programme will be measured.

For more information and an application form, please contact your local Tourism Ireland market representative.